标题:OUTLOOK on World Robotics Report 2019 by IFR


简介:The preliminary statistics of the World Robotics Report shows that a new record high of 384,000 units were shipped globally in 2018 – an increase of one percent compared to the previous year. This means that the annual sales volume of industrial robots increased for the sixth time in a row (2013-2018) – but only just.

来源:国际机器人联盟 2019/04 




标题:Brexit: UK falling back in global automation race – robot sales down 3%

                                 ----- European Union′s industrial robot sales up 12%


简介:Installations of industrial robots in the United Kingdom fell by 3 percent to 2,306 units in 2018. In the previous year, robot sales in the UK had risen by 31 percent. The European Union′s recent sales numbers are still positive - up 12 percent.

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标题:The State of American Manufacturing 2019


简介:U.S. manufacturers had a great 2018, but concerns continue to accompany every positive trend.This starts with output. The value added by manufacturers rose 7 percent in 2018, to nearly $2.4 billion. This represents 11 percent of the American economy. Yet viewed as a percentage of GDP, manufacturing continued to decline, just as it has for the past 70 years.The 2018 tariffs benefitted some producers, but trade suffered. While the United States exports only a small fraction of what it manufactures, those shipments dropped precipitously late last year as China and other nations retaliated against U.S. tariffs. Equally concerning, companies that sourced Chinese parts for their factories had to scramble for replacements to keep their lines running.

来源:ASME May 2019




标题:Smart manufacturing: HPE and Foxconn’s edge-based AI video system for quality assurance


简介Quality assurance is a critical part of manufacturing; it’s just humans are not very good at it. Their faculties are not trained to pick out anomalies in rapid carousels of industrial assemblages. More than this, they just can’t do it.Modern manufacturing, particularly of discrete electronics, is too complex and too various for human eyes. But machine learning, at the edge, is turning fallible old production checks into fail-safe new productivity gains.

来源:Enterprise Iot Insights




标题:NIMS Partnering with Festo to Develop Industry 4.0 Skill Credentials


简介The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), in partnership with Festo Didactic, is developing skills standards and credentials for jobs involving manufacturing digitalization and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies. The partnership will combine NIMS’s credentialing and training resources with Festo’s Industry 4.0 Learning Factories, courseware and e-learning integration.

来源:5/16/2019Modern Machine Shop




标题:How incoming cellular technologieswill transform smart manufacturing


简介Everything inside the factory of thefuture will be fluid, except for thefloors, walls, and ceilings. Industrialassets – including machines, devices,and vehicles – will be animated by 5Gnetworks and made intelligent by edge andcloud analytics. Factory owners will be ableto swap-around their production lines tomeet changeable demand.So says German industrial giant Bosch.The concept is plain, of course: factory operationshave come full circle, from craft productionin the first industrial age, throughmass production in the global age, and anew compulsion towards hyper-customisationand the idea of a ‘lot-size of one’.

来源:The Economic Times.





标题:Die design optimization on sheet metal forming with considering the phenomenon of springback to improve product quality


简介:The process of sheet metal forming is one of the very important processes in manufacture of products mainly in the automotive field. In sheet metal forming, it is added a certain size at the die to tolerate a result of the elasticity restoration of material. Therefore, when the product is removed from the die then the process elastic recovery will end within the allowable tolerance size. Extra size of the die is one method to compensate for springback. The aim of this research is to optimize the die by entering a springback value in die design to improve product quality that is associated with accuracy the final size of the product. Simulation processes using AutoForm software are conducted to determine the optimal parameters to be used in the forming process. Variations the Blank Holder Force of 77 N, 97 N, and 117 N are applied to the plate material. The Blank Holder Force application higher than 97 N cannot be conducted because the Forming Limit Diagram indicates the risk of tearing. Then the Blank Holder Force of 37 N, 57 N and 77 N are selected and applied in cup drawing process. Even though a few of wrinkling are appear, however there is no significant deviation of dimension between the product and the design of cup.

来源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.154





标题:Interval Quadratic Connected Control Systems in Industrial Robotics and Mechatronics


简介:Industrial robotic and mechatronic systems in real machinery are quadratically connected dynamical systems with parametric uncertainties, whose mathematical models can be extremely complex. Program motion stabilization of such systems, especially those described in quasi-coordinates, is a topical scientific problem, which does not yet have an acceptable for engineering developments comprehensive solution. The article proposes a possible concept of such a solution, based on the Lyapunov’s direct method, extended to the interval dynamic systems domain with time derivatives of state variables written in the interval cubic forms. The authors conceptual approach is based on new concepts introduced in the article: covering form, form compensator, modular variables form. According to this approach, first of all, the transition to new complex system state variables formed with signatures is carried out. The mathematical apparatus is based on special interval matrix algebra transformations, which could not be included in the article because of the volume, and therefore are only stated. As a result, the authors obtain a new class of quasi-relay type controls with system state dependent modulated impact jumps, and therefore combining the properties of both soft smooth and hard forcing types.

来源:Procedia Computer Science  Volume 150, 2019, Pages 579-585




标题:Direct Dynamics of a Space Robot Actuated by Control Moment Gyros


简介:This paper presents a direct formulation of dynamical equations for a space robot actuated by control moment gyros (CMGs). The space robot consists of a service satellite and a robotic manipulator comprising an arbitrary number of rigid links connected by spherical joints. A cluster of CMGs is mounted on the base and on each link. The static and dynamic imbalances of the gimbals and the rotors are both considered. Dynamical equations for the robotic system level are derived using Kane's equations. The nominal output torques of the CMGs and the disturbance torques caused by the imbalances are separated, with each having explicit expressions. A feedback controller based on the nominal model is also proposed for system trajectory tracking control. Simulation comparisons based on different imbalance parameters show that the controller works, but the imbalances may cause both high-frequency and low-frequency disturbance torques, which may distinctly decrease system-control accuracy.

来源:出处:《Machines, Mechanism and Robotics: Proceedings of iNaCoMM 2017  年:2019 123134 总页数:12  会议:International Conference on Machines and Mechanisms  举办地:Mumbai 日期:2017-12-13 届次:3rd  语种:英语  分类号:TP24-53  ISBN9789811085963




标题:Modeling and Estimation of Closed-Loop Impact for Multi-arm Space Robot While Capturing a Tumbling Orbiting Object


简介:In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop a framework for closedloop impact modeling of a multi-arm robotic system mounted on a servicing satellite while capturing a tumbling orbiting object. When the satellite is in broken state or does not have provision for grapple and tumbling, the interception is very difficult. In such cases, interception using multi-arm robotic system can be appealing as this will certainly increase the probability of grasp in comparison to a single-arm robot. When multiple arms of a robot will capture only one target object from different points of contact, then it is termed as closed-loop impact. In this paper, first, the dynamic models of a multi-arm robot and a tumbling orbiting object are obtained. The target dynamics has been modeled considering it to be a rigid body. Then, the three phases of the capturing operation, namely, approach, impact, and postimpact have been modeled. Efficacy of the framework is shown using a dual-arm robot mounted on a servicing satellite performing capturing operation when both arms of robot capture a single target object. The effects of relative velocity and angle of approach on the impact forces would also be investigated.

来源:机构:Mechanical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

出处:《Machines, Mechanism and Robotics: Proceedings of iNaCoMM 2017  年:2019 561570 总页数:10  会议:International Conference on Machines and Mechanisms  举办地:Mumbai 日期:2017-12-13 届次:3rd  语种:英语  分类号:TP24-53  ISBN9789811085963





标题:Special report: Are vehicle emissions regulations achievable?

参考译名: 收紧的汽车排放法规是否可实现?

简介:With climate change leading mainstream headlines, city and national regulators have never been under greater pressure reduce the vehicular emissions that cause health and environmental problems. The number of cities calling for bans of diesel-powered vehicles, or even any combustion engine vehicles, is rising, and automakers face growing demand pressure to develop low and zero emission solutions.

来源:AW 2019/04/29 





标题:Design Right Once for Additive Manufacturing


简介:Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been widely considered a key factor for innovative design. However, the utilization of AM has not been as high as expected, although the technology offers key innovative design capabilities, weight reduction, parts count and assembly consolidation as well as material saving. This low utilization is attributed to the lack of AM understanding, mature CAE/CAM software tools addressing AM specific issues such as design support structure generation and removal, residual stresses, surface quality. In most cases, Design for AM (DfAM) is a crucial requisite for a “Design Right Once” approach. Such an approach is shown in the current study using three parts as example: an arthropod’s leg, a gearshift drum and an electric motor mounting frame. The implementation of geometrical conformal lattice structures and lattices with variable density are discussed. A structured design approach is presented and design dilemmas are solved in terms of a DfAM approach. Primary design optimizations are evaluated. Weight reduction is considered throughout the design and free form surfaces are being used. “Freedom to Design” principle is also portrayed and assembly parts consolidation occurs as a natural process of DfAM in comparison with previous design practices. It is concluded that, even from the primary design phase the design engineer can reveal his creativity because of the absence of constraints set by the traditional manufacturing technologies.

来源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.188




标题:Factors Contributing to AM Growth


简介:The additive manufacturing (AM) industry came within about $200 million from producing $10 billion in products and services last year. This is based on research for Wohlers Report 2019. What’s more, it grew by nearly 62% over the past two years. What’s driving this impressive growth?

Many factors, working in harmony with one another, are contributing to strong AM growth worldwide. Among them are a renewed focus on:

Design for additive manufacturing (DfAM)

Education and training

Post-processing and post-process automation

Materials diversification

Custom products and low-volume manufacturing

Partnerships and collaborations

Startup companies

Viable supply chains

Data, security, and interconnectivity

Investment in applications

Corporate centers of excellence

来源:wohlersassociates  April 20, 2019




标题:The 3 Breakthroughs Additive Manufacturing Needs Most


简介When the concept of additive manufacturing (AM) first entered the public sphere nearly 40 years ago, its applications were mainly focused on fabricating small, complex items with plastic polymers. In the decades since, our understanding of additive manufacturing’s potential benefits has exploded while costs have dropped, leading to breakthroughs like fabricated organs and prosthetics and the proliferation of 3D printers in K-12 classrooms around the world.Today, additive manufacturing has the potential to unlock new sophisticated design and production capabilities for industrial companies, allowing manufacturers to produce customized goods and deliver parts faster. However, the powerful machines needed to additively manufacture mission-critical parts with advanced materials are much more complex than a classroom model, especially on an industrial scale.

来源:IW May 14, 2019




标题:Designing for Big Area Additive Manufacturing

参考译名: 一种大规模增材制造的设计方案

简介:Additive manufacturing (AM), more commonly referred to as 3D printing, is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. With any new technology comes new rules and guidelines for the optimal use of said technology. Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), developed by Cincinnati Incorporated and Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, requires a host of new design parameters compared to small-scale 3D printing to create large-scale parts. However, BAAM also creates new possibilities in material testing and various applications in the manufacturing industry. Most of the design constraints of small-scale polymer 3D printers still apply to BAAM. Beyond those constraints, new rules and limitations exist because BAAM's large-scale system significantly changes the thermal properties associated with small-scale AM. This work details both physical and software-related design considerations for additive manufacturing. After reading this guide, one will have a better understanding of slicing software's capabilities and limitations, different physical characteristics of design and how to apply them appropriately for AM, and how to take the inherent nature of AM into consideration during the design process.

来源:刊名《Additive Manufacturing》年:2019,25 275285 分类号:TH16 ISSN2214-8604





标题:US Factory Output Falls a Third Time in Four Months


简介:U.S. factory production fell in April for a third time in four months with a broad decline led by weakness in machinery and motor vehicles, adding to signs of manufacturing sector weakness.

Manufacturing output contracted 0.5% after an unchanged reading the prior month, according to Federal Reserve data Wednesday that missed all estimates in Bloomberg's survey. Total industrial production, which also includes mines and utilities, also decreased 0.5% after the March figure was revised up to a 0.2% gain from a previously reported drop.

来源:IndustryWeek  2019/05/15 




标题:US blacklists Huawei, places it on entity list


简介:Escalating the bruising trade war with China, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order barring American companies from installing the foreign-made telecom equipment deemed a national security threat, a move apparently aimed at banning Chinese giant Huawei from US networks.

来源:May 16, 2019, 11.35 AM The Economic Times.




标题:Elon Musk gets head start on Jeff Bezos with launch of SpaceX’s satellites


简介:Elon Musk’s SpaceX has made a business out of launching satellites for commercial customers, Nasa and the US military.

On Thursday evening, the company will launch orbital objects of its own in a key step toward creating a space-based constellation that beams broadband to underserved areas across the globe.

It’s a bet Musk is making along with fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos on bringing in revenue as an internet provider from outer space.

来源: May 16, 2019, 11.27 PM,经济时代




标题:Gardner Intelligence’s latest World Machine Tool SurveyThe Global Machine Tool Boom Continues, Except in China


简介According to the latest survey, the results of which have recently been published, global machine tool consumption increased $4.1 billion, or 4.8 percent, to $91.9 billion in 2018. This made 2018 an apparently ordinary year, as the median annual increase in global machine tool consumption since 1961 is 4.2 percent. Plus, 2018’s consumption growth rate was slightly slower than 2017’s, which was 6.9 percent. Yet what makes 2018’s growth in machine tool consumption even more remarkable is what has happened in China. Since 2002, China has been the world’s leading machine tool consumer, and the country has consumed at least 33.7 percent of the world total since 2009. This was the case until 2018, when China’s consumption dropped 5.9 percent from $30.7 billion to $28.8 billion, and its share of global machine tool consumption fell to 31.4 percent.What happened with China’s machine tool consumption in 2018 is perhaps partially a result of the trade war between China and the United States. However, it is striking that a year of better-than-average growth in global machine tool consumption occurred at a time when the world’s largest consuming country by far was down noticeably.

来源:Gardner Intelligence





标题:The Use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Ensuring the Environmental Performance of Marine Diesel Engines


简介:The article deals with the operational features of internal combustion engines of marine vessels during their operation in special environmental areas – Nitrogen Oxide Emission Control Areas. According to the requirements of Annex VI MARPOL, during the operation of marine diesel engines in these areas the content of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases should be less than 3.4 g/(kW×h). The article touches upon the possible technical measures to ensure the maintenance of the required level of nitrogen oxide emissions in the exhaust gases of marine diesel engines. The authors propose to use an exhaust gas recirculation system, with a certain amount of gases supplied back to the cylinder after preliminary cooling and mixing with air, which reduces the maximum combustion temperature to values that prevent the formation of nitrogen oxides. The experiment proved that the recirculation of exhaust gases in the 4.7 ... 18.8% range helps to reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases by 19.5 ... 48.8%. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure values that meet the requirements of international organizations aimed at protecting the air from pollution and allowing the use of marine vessels in areas of increased environmental control.

来源:【刊名】:Nae more, journal of marine sciencesISSN】:0469-6255【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.65 No.2